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Service Sector Financing

TIB’s participation in the service sector focuses the following areas:-

1. Tourism

2. Commercial Real Estate

3. Arts and Culture

4. Health and Education


1. The bank offers debt finance for supporting economic development projects in Service Sector, the project can either be start up or existing businesses.

2. The credit facilities offered are for financing capital investments (i.e. Construction of Commercial building, asset acquisition)

3. Grace period for principal repayment depend on the nature of the project.

4. Long-term finance which is crucial for investment; repayment period is up to 20 years.

5. The borrower must have the capacity to inject equity funds not less than 40% of the total investment costs.

6. Affordable Interest rates.


1. Flexible repayment period to match with the business/ projects cash flows

2. Enables private and public institutions to achieve the desired projects outcomes

3. Supports private and public institutions new investments/ business expansion

4. Reasonable interest rates, hence cost effective

5. Promotes business and economic development hence National development.

6. The bank provides technical advice/expertise in the project preparation to public institutions.

Service Sector Financing