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About SME Financing Program

The SME Products

The bank offers a range of SMEs products to meet its development financing mandate to facilitate and support SMEs business growth. The products aim to increase and expand access to finances by SMEs business as well as improve business operations and working environment to enhance growth and prosperity.

The SME products offered by the bank are: -

a) - Direct lending to SMEs registered entities

b) - Program lending/Industrial infrastructure development

c) - Wholesale lending (for on-lenders)

d) -Technical assistance and advisory services

Direct Lending

TIB provides direct finances to registered SMEs business (as Limited Liability Companies or registered Cooperative societies) with good business track records

Program lending/Industrial infrastructure development

Program lending focuses on financing development of business parks or industrial parks in collaboration with Local Government Authorities (LGAs), State Owned Enterprise (SOEs)/public institutions (such as SIDO, EPZA, and Crop Boards). The objective is to set up public infrastructure, such as industrial parks, business parks, public markets, warehouses, and infrastructure in general so as to provide SMEs with better working environment/business premises for renting.

Wholesale Lending

TIB provides credit funds to financially sound community banks, microfinance institutions, commercial banks and other similar organizations for “on – lending arrangement” to their clients.

Technical Assistance and Advisory Services

The bank provides capacity building services in terms of training to equip SMEs in areas of business management skills, financial management, establishment of market linkages etc. also advisory service aims to assist SMEs to improve business management operations. Advisory service is provided to start-ups and on-going SMEs business on good business practices and other types of consultancy services.

Benefit and Features

The SME products offered by the bank are: -

a) - The bank offers flexible repayment period to match with the business cycle/ projects cash flows.

b) - SME loan offered are for financing capital investments and initial operational capital

c) - Supports private and public institutions new investments/ business expansion

d) -The SME products enables private and public institutions to achieve the desired projects outcomes

e) -The bank provides technical assistance in project preparation to public institutions.

f) -Long-term loan with repayment period of up to 10 years which is crucial for investment.

g) -Grace period for principal repayment is provided depending on the nature of the project.

h) -The borrower contributes equity of at least 40% of the total investment costs in terms of both existing and additional investment.

i) -The bank offers affordable Interest rates.

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About Managed Fund

TIB also manages funds on behalf of fund owners, funds for investment/operation of specific development projects/purposes as per the conditions set by the respective Fund providers/owners. The benefactors include the Government and donors such as the World Bank and Government of the Netherlands.
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Welcome to TIB Insurance, we are well driven and professional insurance brokers in the Tanzanian market, providing insurance covers, advice and expertise to your business as well as Individuals. We offer a wide range of insurance coverage mainly categorized into three sectors: Personal Insurance, Business Insurance and specialist Insurance which is within a wide range of products as for desired needs. When it comes to insurance needs, be sure to select TIB Insurance as it has experienced expertise and professional capabilities to ensure that you are well covered. TIB Insurance finds solutions to every situation.

Our services

Our services are real and backed up by a wide range of professional advice to ensure that clients are properly covered. We are happy to meet with you face to face to offer Insurance knowledge and understanding before cover is taken, we also happy to offer services via the phone to customers we cannot reach.

We offer insurance coverage for:

-Motor Insurance (Comprehensive and third part Only)

-Fire Insurance

-Domestic package( Home owners Insurance on residence building, Contents and Liability)

-Marine Insurance ( cargo and Hull – the vessel itself)

-Engineering Insurance (Contractors All Risk, Electronic Insurance, Machinery Breakdown, Plant All Risk, Loss of Profits)

-Miscellaneous Insurance (Public Liability, Professional Liability, Money Insurance, Goods In Transit, Credit Protection etc.)

-Bonds (Performance Bond, Advance Payment Bond, Bid Bonds, Customs Bond)

-Aviation Insurance

-Crop Insurance

-Life assurance (Both Individual and Group Life Schemes)

About Industrial Financing

The manufacturing sector remains relatively small, with most activities largely concentrated in the production of basic consumer products such as food, beverages, tobacco, textiles, furniture and wood allied products. The sector continues to be of considerable importance to the Tanzanian economy as it is still one of the sources of government revenue in terms of duties and other taxes. The bank’s Industrial Loan targets the following sub sectors:-

- Argo-processing

- Mining processing or extraction and processing

- General manufacturing.

Features of this product

- Financing startup industries as well as existing industries attempting to increase production capacities 

- Grace period during project development

- Best, affordable and flexible interest rate

- To avoid exchange rate loss; Loans available at currency of cash flows

- To avoid exchange rate loss; Loans available at currency of cash flows

- Shorter loan processing time.

Benefit of this product

- Enable customer to acquire brand new equipment and machinery for longer usage.

- Enable customer dream to own industry come true within a shorter period.

- We link our customer to commercial banks in accessing working capital (Overdraft) to enable production takeoff

- Advice from bank industrial engineers and other bank experts

- Enables companies/institutions to invest without much constraint

- Promotes business and economic development in general, hence National development

Download this file (Requirement for loan applicants.pdf)Loan Checklist[Loan Checklist]533 kB

About Service Sector Financing

TIB’s participation in the service sector focuses the following areas:-

1. - Tourism

2. - Commercial Real Estate

3. - Arts and Culture

4. - Health and Education


1. - The bank offers debt finance for supporting economic development projects in Service Sector, the project can either be start up or existing businesses.

2. - The credit facilities offered are for financing capital investments (i.e. Construction of Commercial building, asset acquisition)

3. - Grace period for principal repayment depend on the nature of the project.

4. - Long-term finance which is crucial for investment; repayment period is up to 20 years.p>

5. - The borrower must have the capacity to inject equity funds not less than 40% of the total investment costs.

6. - Affordable Interest rates.p>


1. - Flexible repayment period to match with the business/ projects cash flows

2. - Enables private and public institutions to achieve the desired projects outcomes

3. - Supports private and public institutions new investments/ business expansion

4. - Reasonable interest rates, hence cost effective

5. - Promotes business and economic development hence National development..

6. - The bank provides technical advice/expertise in the project preparation to public institutions.

Download this file (Requirement for loan applicants.pdf)Loan Checklist[Loan Checklist]533 kB

About Infrastructure Financing

TIB has formulated a strategy to complement Government economic development efforts through investments in infrastructure with a focus in the transport, utilities, oil and gas and the telecommunications sectors. Building up of infrastructure is essential, if the country is to achieve rapid economic development and delivery of equitable quality services that will improve the living standards of Tanzanians. In its approach to provide loans to service the sector, the bank has designed Infrastructure Loans available to the following three categories of projects as follows:

National Projects:

These are nation-wide projects and will ordinarily originate and be implemented in collaboration with respective State-owned enterprises/corporations. The bank’s loans are therefore directed to finance development of infrastructure such as:-

- Utilities and Communications: electricity generation and distribution, water treatment and distribution, oil and gas infrastructure, telecommunications, and ICT.

- Transport: ports, airports including airport buildings, and railway lines, and attendant facilities.

- Transport Equipment: locomotives, marine vessels, aircraft and buses related equipment.

Local Government Projects:

The bank has developed a lending framework to support financing of municipal infrastructures to assist Local Government Authorities (LGAs) to bridge existing financing gaps in otherwise economically and financially viable projects. Through partnership with local governments, the bank intends to extend its successes in the development of satellite cities, bus terminals and modernization of markets.

Public Private Partnership (PPP):

The infrastructure loans under this category are directed to solid partnerships between a public entity and a private company that answer to the important need for infrastructure.

Loan Tenor:

The bank provides facilities at an affordable interest rate and the loan tenor is of up to 20 years with a grace period during implementation of the project.

Download this file (Requirement for loan applicants.pdf)Loan Checklist[Loan Checklist]533 kB