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Utilities Sector Financing

Tanzania has abundant and diverse water sources and indigenous energy resources which are yet to be exploited. The sources include rivers, lakes, wood and other biomass fuels, hydropower, natural gas, coal, uranium, wing, geothermal and solar.

This product includes private and public companies that provide basic amenities, such as electricity, water, sewage services and natural gas. Utilities are part of the public service landscape and therefore heavily regulated.

The bank’s utilities loan targets the following sub-sectors.

  • Energy production, transmission, and distribution
  • Water supply and sewage services


  • Financing startup and Existing energy and water projects
  • Flexible repayment schedules.
  • Grace period during project development
  • Affordable and flexible interest rate
  • Efficient loan processing time


  • Enabling customers dream to participate in power projects
  • Enable companies to invest without much constraint
  • Linking our customers to the equity partners
  • Access to technical advice/ expertise regarding engineering aspects of the project

Utilities Sector Financing